Zulfqar Lareb Bibi

References Read

"Affordable Mental Health Care in HK" By Sam Cing Janice FONG

Rating: 85/100. This article mentions support services that adjust their prices according to your financial situation, some are really cheap and it even mentions free services.

"Focus on Hong Kong students’ mental health – call for more awareness and assistance" By Yin Ping Chiang

Rating: 90/100. This article expresses the growing severity of mental health issues among university students with proper statistics. Includes a university student interview, very authentic.

"My Zero Waste Hacks! (During COVID-19)" By Chau Hang Chi

Rating: 90/100. Zero waste seems difficult in times of a pandemic, however, this video shows some really simple ways to do that in our daily lives. The small steps that make a difference.

"Why Gender Equality Is Good for Everyone β€” Men Included" By Kay Chung

Rating: 95/100. This video is an interactive ted talk on gender equality by a man, which is oftentimes done by women. It covers areas like men's sense of entitlement, white privilege, etc.

"What Happens After An Oil Spill" By Ho Kit Fung

Rating: 90/100. This video tells us that oil spills endanger the lives of birds and fish, but the current treatments for it are pointless. This is a threat that needs effective treatments.

"20 Best Low Carb Recipes" By Edward Ye

Rating: 95/100. This article has the recipes, cooking guide, and prep time of a wide range of dishes, such as Chow Mein and sushi, some HK favorites but healthier!

"The five ways to wellbeing" By Jung Hyeonwoo

Rating: 90/100. This video explains five easy ways to feeling and living better, including connecting, being active, taking notice, keep learning, and giving.

"What is biodiversity and why is it important?" By Lee Ming Hin

Rating: 80/100. This video briefly explains the concept of biodiversity and its economic, ecological, cultural, recreational and scientific importance.

"Nature can't do it all: How long does it take for our waste to decompose?" By Kang Junwoo

Rating: 70/100. This article discusses the types of waste and their decomposition time, plastic being the highest. However, zero-waste movement is the only waste reduction way given.

"HKU Ditch Disposable" By Kim Hyunjoo

Rating 90/100. This web page explains how and why HKU has gone plastic free, some easy plastic alternatives are also given for us to be part of the change.

"15 common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight" By Cheung Ka Fai

Rating: 85/100. People often go to extremes when it comes to dieting, this article warns us on what not to do, how to do it right, and why do so with studies backing it up.

"What it's like to grow up an ethnic minority in HK" By Yuen Wing Hin

Rating: 90/100. This article talks about the difficulties faced by EM students in HK such as workplace discrimination (low wage), lack of support in the education system, etc.

"9 Ways Your Emotions Influence Your Judgments" By Chan Ching

Rating: 70/100. This article tells us how emotions can cloud judgements by giving you a tunnel vision, attention bias, etc. However, it lacks preventative measures to be taken.