"Environment, glocal"



  1. Do you feel like like a leader? Who helped you to become a leader?
  2. Lance, you want to be an architect when you grow up. What kind of architect would you want to be?
  3. Paul, you are an architect. When you were Lance age, were you a leader already?
  4. If not, how did you become a leader?
  5. How can the government work with young people?
  6. How do we shift our world-views, opinions to redesign our habits, neighborhoods, and cities?


Lance Lau (劉衍一)

IG: @lancelauhinyi

Lance is a student at Ying Wa Primary School and an 11-year-old climate activist leader in Hong Kong. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, Lance decided to take actions for climate issues and environmental protection. Since last year, Lance has been actively organizing and participating in environmental campaigns at the individual, school, community and societal levels, including solo school strikes, #FridayForFuture, beach cleanups, recycling movements, lifestyle promotion and collaboration with NGO organizations. Lance aspires to be a green architect or engineer to build eco-friendly habitats for society.

Paul Zimmerman (司馬文)

FB: /PZpage

Paul is an environmentalist, politician and businessman in Hong Kong. Borned in the Netherlands, Paul came to Hong Kong in 1984. Paul holds a Masters in Social Science (Economics) from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and a Master of Arts in Transport Policy and Planning from The University of Hong Kong.

He built and sold MF Jebsen International in which he was Executive Director. He was also awarded an Honorary Membership of the American Institute of Architects (HK) for his role in improving the harbourfront of Victoria Harbour.

Paul is currently the district Vice-President of the Southern District Council and the CEO of Designing Hong Kong, a non-profit organization devoted to improving urban planning, design and livability of Hong Kong. He advocates good planning and sustainable development in the city in collaboration with NGOs and alliances.

Questions from students

  1. A question for Lance, have you faced any criticism from peers or otherwise for going on strikes and campaigning? if so, how have you dealt with it?
  2. What kind of actions (e.g. petitions) have been more successful in advocacy in Hong Kong?
  3. what kind of action do you hope government/ people will take to combat climate change?
  4. Hi Lance, how do you convince people around you that you are serious with what you are doing when you first start? Alongside, do you find your age overall an advantage or disadvantage to your strike?
  5. A question for Paul, how has technology and empathy impact your leadership and decision making during your time as a district councillor or an environmentalist, such as bringing a better strategy for protecting country parks for planetary health?
  6. For Lance, have you ever faced any doubts from your peers because of your age? And how did you deal with that.
  7. Question for Lance: nowadays, media is closely related to any kind of social issue. how do you think about the effect of media regarding climate change? how do you think you may effectively utilize media as a source of a clue of solving climate-related problem?
  8. hi Lance, what do you do to convince others(adults) to care for climate change and other ideas you have given that you are so young in age