Introduction to Sustainability Challenges & Opportunities on Campus

  1. What are the key sustainability challenges you are tackling?
  2. What have you tried so far/ what are your existing programmes? Who are the stakeholders involved?
  3. What do you think are the gaps? What do you think needs to be done to achieve the impact that you want?
  4. In your view, what are the resources that the sustainability office have/ lack?
  5. If you have 140 students working for sustainability office what would you want them to do?

Questions from Students

  1. How do you deal with people who strongly disagree with your views and refuse to listen your proposals?
  2. What do you think, is the largest difficulty launching sustainability projects in the university level?
  3. Have COVID brought any new discoveries that could be an advantage/disadvantage to your sustainability projects?
  4. What is a standard quality or outcome when we talk about a successful project?
  5. how do you know when to stop trying and "give up"?
  6. Can you give an example of a project that was launched in out university and then went on to bring overall impact to the society?
  7. If you face some negative reactions from people about your proposal, will you give up convincing them or continue to persuade them?
  8. The COVID-19 situation actually increased the demand for one-time masks and in your opinion is there any other options to keep the sustainability?
  9. For small projects, it may not be easy to observe its outcome or impact, what would be a good source of motivation to keep on moving?
  10. What’s your most successful project?
  11. Joy, have you ever acted as a follower in the team? How do you learn from leaders in the team?