"Right To The City, Business Transformation"



  1. What is Auroville? In Hong Kong and Auroville, was do people value most?
  2. Who does the city belong to?
  3. How can urban dwellers influence how communities grow, change and thrive?
  4. How did you become a leader in your community?
  5. What is the greatest achievement of your community?
  6. What do you need to create community?


Vanessa Cheung

LinkedIn Vanessa is the Group Managing Director of Nan Fung Development Ltd., managing the Group’s Hong Kong property division. She is the Founder of The Mills – a revitalization project of transforming the Nan Fung Textile Mills into a global innovation techstyle destination. She is a convener of NarrativeHK, an initiative promoting positive attitude among her generation in envisioning the future of HK. She co-founded Quo Kefir Believers, a natural probiotic health food company, and is the co-owner of HK’s first CrossFit gym, CrossFit Asphodel.

Mita Radhakrishnan - Auroville Language Lab

IG: @mitaralltomatis Mita is the director of Auroville Language Laboratory, a full-fledged language laboratory teaching Aurovillians various languages, using audio, video and software, and creates exclusive teaching material through ongoing research. Mita is also a practitioner of Audio Psycho Phonology or the Alfred Tomatis Method. She has been an Aurovilian and follower of Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s yoga for 25 years. She is an eternal idealist, believer in human unity and oneness of human beings and Nature.

Questions from students

1. Do u think a model like Auroville will work on a national/global level?

2. Does Hong Kong itself favour revitalization projects? If yes, in what ways can the city enhance the local cultural development? (as the city focuses a lot on economic development and revitalization projects are not as prevalent as expected by cultural conservationists) And what is the most challenging obstacle to overcome in the collaboration process of the revitalization project?