"Social Sustainability"



  1. How do you build strength and leadership out of trauma, suffering and failure?
  2. How do you bounce from the lows?
  3. What is self leadership?
  4. How do you make others stronger?


Garry Turner

Garry Turner is an International sales & product management professional working as an “interpersonal catalyst” to help companies make the most out of their human capital. He has been speaking at Keynote and DisruptHR on intentional people-centered working, inter-departmental partnerships and the power of vulnerability. By designing work around and unleashing the potential of people, he has improved the sales and efficiency of companies he has been working with.

Jeffrey Andrews

Jeffrey is an experienced Social Service Worker with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry, currently working in Christian Action. Andrews meets 50 to 100 people from ethnic minorities and refugees every day who seek status recognition, fight for equal opportunities or simply want advice on a rice cooker. A strong community and social services professional, he graduated from Caritas Institute of Higher Education, and received a commendation from Secretary for Home Affairs for his contribution towards racial harmony in Hong Kong.

Questions from students

  1. How do you think mental health support can reach rural areas especially in places like India where mental health is a taboo?
  2. Would you say that the misuse of "what doesn't kill you make you stronger" in pop culture, especially teen flicks, might actually be harmful as it normalizes bullying? Especially with Asian parents-child relationships being less open/ emotion, youths (guys in particular) might just be told to toughen it up.
  3. how can we actually break the stigma on mental illnesses? Get people in hk to really seriously talk about it?
  4. How can we normalise seeking help e.g. for therapy in Hong Kong?