"Spirituality, Food and Business Pt2"



  1. How do you connect spirituality, to food, to business?
  2. What kind of leader are you trying to be?
  3. What kind of change do you want to see happen in the world?
  4. What are the questions that you are not able to answer (yet)?
  5. What kind of person were you when you were 18 years old? What advice would you have to an 18 years old?


Howard Ling, Serial Social Entrepreneur

Howard has founded and developed more than 30 non-profit and social enterprises - including Bijas in HKU - and contributed to the employment of hundreds of individuals who have trouble finding work due to various disabilities.

He received the Medal of Honour by HKSAR for his contribution to the community through his work, which also includes advising foundations and educational institutions.

Besides his MA from CUHK, he also graduated from a Social Entrepreneurship programme. Currently he works as the Chief Consultant of Social Enterprise Business Centre.

Questions from students

  1. You seem to be always working in teams. What is your view on hierarchy in leadership? Do you have a common strategy in terms of distributing work and decision-making?
  2. There are various approaches to promoting a plant-based diet in Hong Kong, like Bobsy’s and Howard’s and others like Green Monday. How did each of you consider your approach in your business to promote plant-based eating?
  3. The way leadership is discussed in the aspect of business is very different how the speakers in the morning talked about them. Do you think there is anything universal about leadership and management? Qualities that can be applied regardless of the context.
  4. The way you comfort your teammates (offer private hospitals services if needed,,etc.), seems to be warm-hearted, but have you considered its costs? Especially when your career is just started up, and the funds are limited?