Update #1

Dear students,

Thank you for your engagement yesterday, and sorry for the logistic issues on our side. We hope you had a great time listening to the speakers and doing the design exercise!

Yesterday we introduced Notion, here is the link for those who missed it:https://www.notion.so/DESN9002-Sustainable-Leadership-Course-b1ea07b6f887403f8b92d153daf5b236

Please check out the Q&A page, many common questions are answered there. Grading rubrics and information about deliverables, as well as recordings of the zoom meeting, will be out soon and we will update you.Both Notion and google sheet should be updated now. For any discrepancy/mismatch, please let us know, and refer to the google sheet for final group:

For the Notion list, go to the above Notion link, and click "projects and teams" or "people" (you'll have to scroll down a bit).

If you have checked both lists and cannot find your group, please let us know asap.

We recommend that you get in touch with your groupmates via email or Notion, and make a Whatsapp group so you can start talking :)

Due to many requests, we will allow 1-to-1 swaps from now till Wednesday 23:39, provided both students have spoken to each other and agreed. 

To send in your request for swaps, please WA Sammie or Ella in this format:


(group) (UID) (Full Name*)

(group) (UID) (Full Name*



R1 3031111111 TAN, Andrea

W2 3032222222 HO, Lee Mun Benny

*Please use the full name you are registered in, without nicknames.

We will then inform you when the change has been made. Double check the updated google list yourself to make sure!

Thank you! :)

Ella (ellacf@hku.hk) and Sammie (u3545585@hku.hk)