Ye Zhi Mian

References read

"Explained: How Guru Nanak’s langar is helping UN achieve its ‘zero hunger’ goal" added by Aastha Anurag Gaur

Rating: 90/100. This article gives me a brief introduction on how Langar helps combat world hunger. It also provides information on the background history of how the program starts, the ongoing process and its goal.

Interview with Vikas Garg on Vegan food reviews added by Edward Ye

Rating: 95/100. This article shows detailed interview with Vikas Garg, the founder of the popular social platform of vegan review, abillionveg. It presents the work and challenges faced by Garg and his insight on the trend of plant-based eating.

Fighting Child Malnutrition Around The World added by Jirawong Wu

Rating: 95/100. This gives a quick overview of what PCI is doing to help the children in poor region to fight against malnutrition. It presents information on the different methods implemented in different regions so as to provide the best way to combat the problem.

The future of good food in china added by Jingran Cui

Rating: 90/100. The speaker shared her experience on growing organic, pesticide-free food for the people of China so that they do not need to consume the chemically affected food.


Rating: 90/100. This presents the actual implementation of vegetable gardens in Hong Kong. They set an example for future rooftop gardens in the city.

6 Reasons Why a Calorie Is Not a Calorie added by Hoi Tung LEUNG

Rating: 95/100. This article surprised me by stating that a calorie is actually not the same in different type of food. It provides interesting information on the reason behind and also gives me some tips on the diet to stay health and lose weight.

An Eating Disorder Specialist Explains How Trauma Creates Food Disorders added by Zulfqar Lareb Bibi

Rating: 90/100. The video briefly explains food disorder and introduces me the term ARFID. It also tells me what are the difficulties in treating these patients and how should their families and friends cope with it.

Food Replacement Pills added by Kho Patrick Thomas

Rating: 90/100. This website interested me by the idea of consuming vegetable in pills. In this way children who dislike eating vegetables may show less aversion towards vegetables. However, I don't quite like the idea of it as feeling the actual texture of food is important to me.

Food Choices Are a Key Strategy for Sustainable Tourism added by Aahlund Olivia Matilda Ophelia

Rating: 90/100. This article inspired me to think about the relationship between food and sustainable tourism. The article explains how the unhealthy practice of farming can adversely affect the latter. It also provides example of how Disney is doing to raise the awareness of its tourists on the environment.

How to develop a waste food delivery app added by Semiat Ayomide Ayeni

Rating: 90/100. This website shows detailed steps for people who want to start up a waste delivery app to reduce food waste in the city. It also gives examples of the current operating waste food delivery apps. I think for this app to work, it has to be known by the majority of the citizens and all supermarkets in the city should participate in it.