Chu Henry Tin Heng


Hi everyone, this is Henry Chu, a Hongkonger now studying the regular BASc programme. I chose this programme because when I scrolled through the curriculum structure, I was attracted by the Two Pathways structure which allowed me to choose ten out of a vast pool of courses offered by 3 faculties. Most importantly, I somehow have a preference for everything (academically), which suits very well with the programme design. However, I do have some particular interests in each field: like History, Philosophy, Music and Literature in Arts; Biology and Chemistry in Science; Politics and Psychology in Social Sciences. Of course, I would also like to study anything that I believe is worth spending time on.

But this also makes me a "boring" person. I often find myself disconnected to the rest of my cohort, which persisted from middle-high school till today. This is further enhanced due to Asperger syndrome, a mental condition classified under the autism spectrum. Living with Asperger's, I may be a slightly smarter and faster learner, but at the same time I prefer staying within my inner world, often making me fail to understand others. Because of this, I might have offended quite a number of people and did countless stupid things when I was a child. It was not until four years ago that the reality finally dawned on me. And I thought, I was such an evil person! Then I decided it is time to change by carefully monitoring my every move and speech, so that people will not be offended. But it comes with another problem, which I found out just months ago, that I started to irrationally fear socializing. My confidence, which autists usually have, have now vanished. Very soon I realized that there should be a balance if I were to become the norm. Nonetheless, I still hope that one day I can socialize just like everyone else - with both reservation and confidence.

And this leads to the last part of the introduction. I intensely hope that I could blend in with other people, and I thought that a good way to do so before I regain confidence is through writing. Authors often write novels or recounts that carry their thoughts on people and the world, and this is how readers around the world are connected. Meanwhile, I do have a lot of thoughts regarding many different issues, from peoples' mindsets to what should we aim at to attain a better world. Maybe this is also why I have typed this horribly long introduction! Anyways, this is my passion in writing.

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