Prototype + Feedback

1. What are you testing?
We are making a device for solar panels to adjust their directions such that they can receive sunlight at normal incidence.
2. What are the assumptions?
This device can increase the efficiency even though energy is used to move the panels. It can adjust itself to find the best position.
3. Evaluation Framework: What are the questions you need to answer to evaluate the efficacy of your prototype? Metrics?
Does the solar panel mechanism work? Can the solar panel receive sunlight with the highest efficiency? and Is the solar panel becoming more efficient than the traditional ones?
4. Results of Prototyping: What went well? What were the "happy accidents"? What are the areas for improvement?
We have made a tracking system for the panel to follow the light. However, we didn't install a real solar panel in this prototype as the solar panel cost quite a lot and almost no energy can be harvested from this mini prototype. Our goal of this prototype is to test the mechanism and make sure it will follow the light.