Prototype + Feedback

1. What are you testing?
Whether students will use our app to connect with people of different backgrounds, and whether it can help connect HKU students more in order to provide an inclusive environment.
2. What are the assumptions?
By talking to people of different backgrounds but not knowing anything about them will help break down prejudices and allow people to make friends with people from different backgrounds, and learn more about different cultures/backgrounds etc.
3. Evaluation Framework: What are the questions you need to answer to evaluate the efficacy of your prototype? Metrics?
Students use our app. Questions for Students: - Did you meet people from different backgrounds? -Are you more open to meeting people of different backgrounds? -By meeting different people has it changed the way you view people?
4. Results of Prototyping: What went well? What were the "happy accidents"? What are the areas for improvement?
The people may not be paired with people from different backgrounds as there are more local students than non-locals or ethnic minorities.