Kang Junwoo

Reference read

"South Korea cuts food waste with 'pay as you trash'" added by KIM YERIM

Rating: 90/100. The article shows how the waste problem in Korea has evolved and the solution the Korea Government come out with, the 'pay as you trash' policy which individuals have to pay for the amount of trash they throw. This article also contain some statistic on the decrease of waste generated in Korea.

"Food Waste Compost Effects on Fertilizer Nitrogen Efficiency, Available Nitrogen, and Tall Fescue Yield" added by Lee Sze Choi

Rating:85/100. This reference is about the idea that how food waste can be transformed into the Fertilizer increasing the Nitrogen efficiency with some scientific evidence and explanation.

"How mental health affect your body?" added by Li Wo Him

Rating:85/100. This video is a talk which is about the matters that effects the mental health and the link between mental health and physical health.

"Coronavirus: Disposable masks 'causing enormous plastic waste'"added by SONG JIE GUO

Rating: 95/100. This reference is about the effect current situation of COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our environment especially when there is enormous amount of used mask waste.

"Sustainable Waste Management Systems" added by Choi YoonSeo

Rating90/100. This journal proposes 10 possible solution to have sustainable waste management system.

"Dealing with Hong Kong's food waste" added by Lau Yue Ka

Rating90/100. This article mainly explains the seriousness of food waste problem in Hong Kong and how local organizations are dealing with this problem throughout various projects.

"Problem and Solutions: Food Waste Challenges" added by Kim Hyunjoo

Rating: 90/100. This article generally talks about the problem and proposals to address those problems in Hong Kong, highlighting the importance of generating less waste and recycling solid waste.


Rating 95/100: This article tell the audience about the importance of recycling and the effect it could bring to the community. Also contains idea of 14 ways to increase the recycling rates by individuals.

"Saving Energy Consumption With Deep Learning" added by Hong Yu Mi

Rating 90/100: This video is about how a company software called NIVDIA control the energy consumption by using AI technology. This could help me with my project as we are planning to build a machine that consume some energy and it is important for us to reduce its consumption.

"The psychology behind why people don't recycle"added by Gayoung Kim

rating90/100: This article focuses on the psychology behind the people's behavior toward recycle. It contains some research on the reasons for people not recycling and the biggest reason behind this phenomenon turned out that the recycling system was not properly developed.

"6 Ways to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle" added by Yoonseo Choi

rating95/100: It describes numerous way to reuse reduce and recycle that individuals can participate easily.