LEE, Julie (DaEun)

References read

Name of the studentTitle of the referenceRatingComment
Hang Nam Wong
Coronavirus: Royal couple say lockdown 'stressful' on mental health
The article well explains how lockdown during covid-19 has made many people feel frustrated due to  lack of social contact and pressure arising from the situation.
Lareb Bibi Zulfqar
Eating disorder statistics 2020
The article well addressed how serious  and common eating disorders are among people. It also tells us the causes and how to treat them.
Sam Cing Janice Fong
Mental Health marketing campaign
The article is relevant to the topic and explains how many people are unaware and unwilling to speak about their mental health problems.
Yin Ping Chiang
Focus on Hong Kong students’ mental health – call for more awareness and assistance
The article discusses the cause of mental health in Hong Kong in the past academic year and it is very relevant to our topic and informative.
Henry Chu
Is my autism a superpower?
An article that changes people's perspective on autism. It explains why autism should not be considered as a disability but rather difference.
Kwok Hang Poon
Facing Anxiety
In the video, students talk about their mental health problems which is very informative and helpful data for us.
Hyeonwoo Jung
Things that can help with stress for student
A useful source that tells us how to cope with stress and prevent mental health problems. Very useful for university students.
Jazmym Shi
Depression and Anxiety in Hong Kong during COVID-19
The article well presents the psychological study about depression and anxiety affected by the COVID 19 pandemic.
Haoqi Wei
Working Online
This article tells us how we can adapt to a new online platform helping people better cope with the situation.
Sam Cing Janice Fong
Statistics Mental Health in HK
A good article showing static of how many people are suffering from mental health problems and raising awareness about it.