Chen Hsin-Mei

References read

"Biodiversity in Hong Kong" added by Ching Lam

Rating: 87/100. An article about biodiversity in Hong Kong. It lists out the number of different species spotted and relevant government policies on protecting the environment.

"Creating Inclusive College Classrooms" added by Adrian Li

Rating: 92/100. A detailed article on bringing inclusion into university classrooms. In each different scenario, the writer provides solutions to make the classroom a better place.

"10 things to say to someone with a mental health problem" added by Yun Ki Ngan

Rating: 90/100. This article teaches us how to communicate with people suffering from mental health problems, and provides 10 examples on how to do so.

"Most People Don't Know This: Not Getting Enough Exercise Ups Your Cancer Risk" added by Hoi Tung Leung

Rating: 85/100. A news article about people's lack of awareness that physical activity can reduce the risk of getting cancer.

"How ugly, unloved food can change the world" added by Cheuk Lai Ma

Rating: 96/100. A TED talk about the beauty of misshapen food and how selling these food at a lower price can reduce food waste.

"Food and mood" added by Ye Zhi Mian

Rating: 80/100. This article shows us the link between food and our mental well-being. In addition, it provides a few tips on keeping a healthy diet.

"Innovative solutions for sports clubs during the Covid-19 outbreak" added by Xiao Zi Yan

Rating: 84/100. Under the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this article provides innovative suggestions on how sports clubs can be digitalized.

"Inclusion Starts with I" added by Yan Xiao Han

Rating: 91/100. This video reminds us that no actions are too small and everyone can make the world a more inclusive place.

"Insomnia" added by Lee Julie (DaEun)

Rating: 83/100. This online article tells us the basics of insomnia, the causes, symptoms, risk factors and prevention methods.

"The 6 Most Exciting Packaging Startups Helping Solve The Plastic Waste Crisis" added by Joung Saiyoung

Rating: 96/100. This article gives us an overview on what innovative solutions start-ups have come up with to reduce plastic waste.