Huang Jun Xiang


Science is everybody's party: 6 ways to support diversity and inclusion in STEM

This article talks about the approach to support diversity and inclusion in STEM, approaches like engaging in mentorship, science twitter, providing financial support and so on. The writer wants everyone to pay attention on marginalized scientists 80/100

Gender stereotyping can be reduced at a young age with proper intervention

This article shows the the investigation conducted about the gender stereotyping by children, The findings show that discrimination against gender nonconformity may have an early origin, and by experiement, building a more tolerant society by intervention is shown to be possible. 90/100

Toilets, bowties, gender and me

This TED talk is about the gender stereotype encounter by presenter, which is biologically female, by dresses like a boy that the society usually thinks. People categories human by toilet, and this makes presenter feels uncomfortable going to bathroom due to gender stereotyping existed in the whole world 95/100

Can Feminists and Non-Feminists Agree On Gender Equality?

This video is about the debate around several topics between feminist and non-feminist. Topics like men have privilege, man and woman should work together to promote equality and etc. The debate as the form of the video give us insights by both group of people. 95/100

Gender Roles and Stereotypes

This short video talks about the gender roles and stereotyping that happens in the society, people are required to meet the expectation from the society about the gender role. 90/100

What Does Multicultural Place Look Like?

This article talks about the places that could be multicultural places, and the reasons makes it a multicultural place 80/100

What media teach kids about gender can have lasting effects, report says

The article tells that the oversimplified characterization makes the gender stereotype, and may last life long, in addidion to some suggestions of how to avoid it. 85/100

How international schools can truly cultivate diversity โ€“ support disadvantaged ethnic minority students

The article talks about the percentage that the minority can speak catonese or english in Hong Kong, and then discussed the scholarship would give them. 75/100

Gender Equality Explained By Children

This video explained about gender concisely and easy to understand by a child for everyone, gives audience a clear idea about gender equality 80/100

Support for laws against LGBT discrimination in Hong Kong rising

This talks about the laws against LGBT discrimination that more and more people support in Hong Kong, and this kind of law is already implemented in lots of developed countries. 80/100