Jung Hyeonwoo

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Depression: A Student’s Perspective. Added by Kwok Hang POON

Rating: 90/100. This video shows major signs of depression and how depression affect people. It especially focused on to minimize the stigma of depression that is associated with the medical condition and provides some treatment options

The psychology of post-traumatic stress disorder. Added by MEIWEN SU

Rating: 90/100. This TED give an overview of post-traumatic stress disorder (aka. PTSD). The video points out that minions of people have experienced or struggled with some kind of trauma and these cause various symptoms like negative thoughts or nightmares and explain more details about PTSD in terms of science knowledge.

What is anxiety? Added by Shi Jiahui

Rating: 95/100. This video states what is anxiety, how it affects out life although anxiety is common reaction for human. Anxiety could occur during exam period, uncomfortable or new environment and interview…etc. When anxiety level increase, it can become a depression disorder or lead other problems.

Hong Kong’s mental suffering fuelled by sport and exercise restrictions in fight against Covid-19. Added by Hang Nam Wong

Rating: 85/100. People in Hong Kong were stressed out and feeling depressed due to the regulations of exercise, sports and high number of unemployed people because of COVID-19

Mental Health in Hong Kong. Added by Khushee Ramesh Soni

Rating: 90/100. Problems with mental health are growing and becoming an issue, but negative views on mental health still exist. According to statistics, many people suffer from mental stress based on various reasons.