Prototype + Feedback

1. What are you testing?
Sport match - Whether it helps find companions. - Whether finding companions gives more motivation for users to exercise. Scoring / Goal - Whether scoring gives motivation. - Whether Goals gives users better planning. - Whether better planning gives motivation. Share part - Whether Share helps users know more about exercise. - Whether Share gives motivation.
e.g. Whether students will be receptive to doing a work-out in Lung Fu Shan park
2. What are the assumptions?
-Motivation is the biggest reason for blocking people from exercising. -Lacking companions is one of the factors of lacking motivation. -Most of the users couldn’t exercise regularly (Our targeted group). -Maybe due to they don’t know how to plan their exercise schedule well. -Users are inputting their own exercise honestly.
e.g. A workout done in nature will increase its positive mental health effects
3. Evaluation Framework: What are the questions you need to answer to evaluate the efficacy of your prototype? Metrics?
- How often do they exercise after using our app? - Does this app really make exercising(Basketball, football…)more popular and convenient for people who want to play? - Do they feel more energetic after following our given plan? - Do they feel more enthusiastic about exercising after having goals or competing with others?
e.g. Students finish the workout. e.g. Qns for Students: - Did you enjoy the workout? - What did you like about the workout?
4. Results of Prototyping: What went well? What were the "happy accidents"? What are the areas for improvement?
e.g. Weather can be an issue.