Chicky Bhavnani


Oldest of three sisters, she hails from an Armed Forces family where in her grandfather and father both served in the Indian Army. She spent her childhood traveling all over India. The armed services background gave her the “never give up” attitude.

Chicky is a Computer Engineering Graduate with over 20+ years of experience in leading flagship transformation programs in Asia, America and Australia.Her experience is varied and ranges from technology, program management and even Human Capital. Alongside work she has been actively involved in the company’s CSR activities in various regions. Over the last few years she has worked with some NGOs, social and environment enterprise namely Makerbay, WEDU, YoungMaker Changemaker , Clean Air Network, Technovation to support and promote programs related to children and youth, development of women leaders in under developed countries, promoting STEM education for women.

This year in October she joined Makerbay as Chief Operating Officer to reach out to the larger community.

She believes that all individuals are empowered to make a positive impact in the world around them. It is imperative to start with everyday issues and try and look for small simple solutions. This will encourage you not only to responsibility for your surrounding and also nuture a similar behavior in family and close friends. If each one of us grows with this mindset it will go a long way in building a sustainable world.

Chicky Bhavnani is also the CitizenScience.Asia ambassador for India.