Ho Yiu Chun

Reference Read

“Water Pollution in Hong Kong” - Nathan Chow ~ Provided by Ho Kit Fung 90/100

This video provided by our group mate is useful for understanding the cause of marine, stream pollution, and the main problem Hong Kong is facing right now, which is very useful for the reader however we’re doing.

“Hong Kong’s Algal Blooms - red alerts from nature” - Martin Williams ~ Provided by Gong Ting Xuan 95/100

This article features algae blooms causing the visual of red tides, this shows a unexpected effect which I did not learn about before, which is an issue that we need to further discuss and think about.

“Explore the comprehensive control strategy of Cyanobacteria bloom and water eutrophication” - Zheng xiaofei ~ Jingderong JING 94/100

Here talks about Cyanobacteria bloom, and compare it to water eutrophication, which is interesting to take a look at, it is also impactful to our research since we are doing a project about algal blooms affecting the ecosystem. Very informational and useful.

“What happens After an Oil Spill” - Life Noggin ~ Ho Kit Fung 88/100

I can’t imagine how oil is a huge impactful thing to different aspects, and especially forming a water column And carousing negative impact to fish. This source is important and we can take a great look at this in our upcoming discussions.

“How computers learn to recognize objects instantly” - Joseph Redmon ~ Ho Kit Fung 90/100

This is Important for the thinking process of how we are able to make our robot to detect rubbish on water, which we need to know about and think of ways to do that.

"Five ways to make cities healthier and more sustainable" - FAO ~ Jing Ran Cui 92/100

This site made me understand more about sustainability in cities, and also it is important to educate us on making cities greener, like doing farming on rooftops.

"How can we motivate people to exercise more?" - Dr. Uphill ~ Ho Chi Fung 90/100

As a lazy person I am always being persuade to do exercise, i think with this video it motivated me to reconsider to continue exercise after a week. It is important to do exercise as it makes you whole body energized and healthy.

"How a food waste disposer works" - InSinkErator Eroupe ~ Jung Woo Kang 86/100

This video showed how a disposer worked, which I really not sure about it and feel like I need to know about it, it is interesting.

"Will the COVID-19 pandemic change waste generation and composition?: The need for more real-time waste management data and systems thinking" - C.C. Naughton ~ Jung Woo Kang 94/100

I think this is something very special because it covers a territory which is less discussed, as the pandemic can greatly affect people thinking of whether it is suitable to do certain things, street waste may decrease, but takeout food waste might increase as well.

"South Korea cuts food waste with 'pay as you trash'" - Chang May Choon ~ Kim Yearim 94/100

I love how South Korea is a country that do separate different waste clearly, and being able to recycle if they can, which I hope other countries can learn about that as well.