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Joung Seiyoung

Joung Seiyoung

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"This Smart Lightbulb Adjusts To You" added by Hoi Wei Tsang

Rating: 90/100. The article presents this Smart Lightbulb as a solution to the problem of not having an affordable smart lightbulb. It claims to be far more energy-efficient than LEDs and will adjust to the time of day and pattern.

"How to reduce your food delivery and takeout waste" added by Chau Hang Chi

Rating: 93/100. The article provides detailed tips to reduce food delivery and takeout waste. The tips are feasible and when there are flaws the article mentions and discusses with the reader.

"When will fossil fuels run out?" added by Chun Lam Chan

Rating: 80/100. This article provides detailed information regarding fossil fuels advantages, disadvantages, and any green alternatives. However it doesn't go in depth in green alternatives.

"The psychology behind why people don't recycle" added by Gayoung Kim

Rating: 85/100. This article lists out the reasons and possible profiles of why people don't recycle. It also lists out possible ways to encourage recycling for each profiles.

"Sustainable food systems" added by Aastha Anurag Gaur

Rating 90/100. This is a publication describing the advantages in detail of the new food systems, and the disadvantages of the current system. Further details regarding the practicle applications of FOA is also provided.

"Food Choices Are a Key Strategy for Sustainable Tourism" added by Gaur Aastha Anurag

Rating 90/100. This article goes in depth on the advantages of using Organic and Hydroponic foods, use of sustainable seafoods in tourism, and other possible solution to sustainable tourism.

"Food Waste and Plastic Waste, Imperfect together" added by Aynei Semiat

Rating 90/100. This article discusses the disadvantages of food / plastic waste such as greenhouse gases being emitted. I was surprised that a lettuce head can take 25 years to decompose.

"Homemade Bicycle Generator // Burn Calories and Make Electricity" added by Yao Yi Tung

Rating 95/100. A very interesting video on generating electricity sustainably. It show cases hiccups in the process of making it, while also attaching references to potential solutions.

"This AI trash can is designed to stop you wasting food" added by Jiaxin Wu

Rating 85/100. An innovative product that can reduce food waste up to 8% in kitchens. The article has detailed statistic on each countries household waste output.

"Hydropower for the home" added by Lok Yiu Ng

Rating 80/100. An informative article on Hydropower for homes. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of hydropower, while also talking about the cost and function behind hydropower.