Kim Taehyun

References read

“How to reduce food waste: the food-sharing apps offering cheap leftover meals for eco-conscious eaters” added by Chun Lam CHAN

Rating:95/100. This article introduces apps which are effectively used to reduce food waste, but also point out that apps can't solve the core waste problem.

Why you’re recycling wrong” added by Joung Seiyoung

Rating: 90/100. This video clearly explains about people’s recycling habits which leads to contamination of recyclable items, and how to solve this problem.

“What really happens to the plastic you throw away- Emma Bryce” added by Semiat Ayomide Ayeni

Rating: 95/100. This video describes what happens to a discarded plastic bottle - recycled or not, and how it impacts our environment and ecosystem.

“5 Countries Leading the Fight to End Food Waste” added by Zinei Sin Ni Ho

Rating”90/100. This article describes how countries with different backgrounds adapt different methods to maximise the reduction of food waste efficiently.

“Pandemic food delivery boom creating vast amounts of plastic waste in China” added by Chau Hang Chi

Rating: 90/100. This video gives some statistics about delivery food which shows the seriousness and problems caused by the vast increase in delivery food.

“This App Will Tell You What To Recycle” added by Gayoung Kim

Rating: 95/100. This video explains a device which scans products and tell the user how to discard them-recycle or not, and also rewards the user by scanning.

“Design of Kitchen Waste Composting Machine: A Smart Approach” added by Sze Choi LEE

Rating: 90/100. This publication describes a smart composting machine processing food waste into fertiliser and also the process of modelling and testing.

“Fungus: The Plastic of the Future” added by Gayoung Kim

Rating: 90/100. This video describes the process of culturing fungi in different ways to develop alternatives to all kind of materials to replace plastics.

“What are the Most Recyclable Materials?” Added by HSI-YUN CHANG

Rating: 90/100. This article explains importance of recycling and gives the list of recyclable materials and also its uses and impact on our environment.

“Is Plastic-Free Food Delivery A Solution To Our Wasteful Convenience Culture?” Added by Chan Chun Ho

Rating:95/100. This article criticises that there are no laws regarding wasteful operators and food delivery company should go into deeper issue of waste, not just greenwashing.