Li Wang Hei

References read

  1. Design a home energy system posted by Shi Ming Jasmine KWOK. I believe that this micro-system is feasible and it can effectively monitor how energy is being wasted by citizens and users. Rating: 75/100
  2. Pandemic takes mental health toll on working parents, childrenaitlin Mullen posted by Hang Nam Wong. It is interesting to learn about that COVID-19 has imposed side-effects on the mental health of the working population, especially for mothers, as they will have to work from home while taking care of their children. Rating: 90/100
  3. 20 Best Low Carb Asian Recipes posted by Edward Ye. A great webpage showing how can we make low carb food through simple ways at home. Would definitely give it a try! Rating: 90/100
  4. CEDARS Support for disabilities posted by Cheuk Lam Cherry But. As a freshman in HKU, I am impressed by how the school supports students with different needs, disabilities and/or special needs. This is a step towards further inclusiveness at HKU! Rating: 85/100
  5. Teaching Men to be emotionally honest posted by Cheuk Lam Cherry But. A great article! When I am sad, I always hide my inner feelings and pretend to be strong. But in fact, men should have their own ways to relieve their emotional stress and pains. It is okay to cry on my friend's shoulder :) Rating: 95/100
  6. WWF, Deliveroo And Foodpanda Join Forces In HK To Tackle Waste posted by Man Kay HUNG. It is great that NGOs in Hong Kong finally take the initiative to save our planet after realizing that there is excessive plastic waste used in takeaway lunchboxes. Rating: 75/100
  7. Hong Kong's education system impacts children's mental health posted by Yiu Yeung CHUNG. Hong Kong is infamous for its rote-learning and grade-fixated education system. It is a tragedy to see many of our students are being stifled by the system and cannot develop their full potential. I do feel sorry to those primary students who finish their homework until midnight. Rating: 85/100
  8. Saving Energy Consumption With Deep Learning posted by Rafael Matthew Susanto Kwan. It is more feasible nowadays that deep learning in the field of AI can help factories and hotels save on electrical energy consumption. Rating: 90/100
  9. As coronavirus hits the job market, Hong Kong's new graduates need better support posted by Yasmine Colette Casupanan. It is said that fresh graduates of this year cannot find a job. I know a friend who graduated this year with an engineering degree still can't find a full-time job today. Rating: 70/100
  10. OCD and Anxiety Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #29 posted by Shi Jiahui. Great psychology crash course reminding me not to behave that nervous. I should have improved my personality and really slow down my pace by then. Rating: 80/100
  11. Tokyo's Thrift-shopping Fashion Culture posted by Shing Hin Chung. It is interesting to know that Japan has stores selling second-hand/unused clothes. It further prevents the exacerbation of fast fashion culture worldwide. Rating: 85/100
  12. Depression and Anxiety in Hong Kong during COVID-19 posted by Shi Jiahui. Interesting publication! Never thought that staying at home during social distancing can impose depression into individuals... Hope one day everything returns to normal and fewer people will feel depressed. Rating: 75/100
  13. Water Quality - Chemistry tests explained posted by Ho Kit Fung. A very informative video clip explaining the various chemicals inside tap water and ways to check the quality of water. Rating: 70/100
  14. Gender stereotyping can be reduced at a young age with proper intervention posted by Erica Yeung. Interesting to learn how different stakeholders can reduce the issue of gender stereotyping at an early age: Teachers can treat boys and girls equally in class. Rating: 75/100
  15. WHO's advice on staying physically active during self-quarantine posted by Ziyan Xiao. A brief introduction to the general public of how to keep oneself fit during the pandemic if going out is not allowed. Rating: 65/100