Ng Yuen Sum
Ng Yuen Sum

Ng Yuen Sum

References read:

"Explained: How Guru Nanak’s langar is helping UN achieve its ‘zero hunger’ goal" From Aastha Anurag Gaur

Rating: 90/100. This articl highlights how Guru Nanak’s ‘langar’ is contributing to achieving this goal and reducing malnutrition in African countries, showing different ways to eliminate hunger issues in their country.

"Building resilience into our food systems" From JiaXin Wu

Rating: 90/100. This article focused on how to increase the resilience of the global food system. why we should develop resilient local habitats, reconnecting with where our food originates.

"Reducing Food Waste via Active Packaging" From JiaXin Wu

Rating: 95/100. Knowing very interestingly that packaging technology will slow down and reduce food waste. Turning to innovative emerging technology, it also has the ability to minimize carbon emissions at the same time.


Rating: 85/100. Great way to integrate farming into Hong Kong, as well as to help make Hong Kong town more prosperous and more liveable. Putting greenery into the city could also increase the quality of lifestyle for citizens.