Yu Asiya

Reference Summary: (Deadline: 15 September 11:59pm HKT)

A web-page from the AFC (Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation) department of the Hong Kong Government that gives people some rules and conduct that they should follow while hiking.


This article introduces 10 of Hong Kong's most endangered species that many of us may have not been aware of. It gives details of each animal/plant and teaches us more regarding its habitat, and niche.


The video tells us 5 easy things we can do daily to increase our mental health and well-being. These include to connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give.


This video tells us the causes of insomnia. The video also tells us about what happens to insomniac's bodies at night and how insomnia can also lead to depression and anxiety attacks.


The web-page tells us signs that tell us we are stressed, some advice on how to deal with stress, as well as when we should consider getting help for stress.