Organic farmers to interview

  1. Go Green Organic Farm
Background information

Go Green (Hong Kong) Company Limited was established in 2010 to gradually promote green, organic and low-carbon environmentally friendly agriculture through Go Green Organic Farm. In 2014 and 2016, we successfully cooperated with Sanrio to establish the world's first annual Hello Kitty Go Green organic farm and Hello Kitty Green Living to promote organic living.


Telephone:5579 2178 / 3489 2778

Facebook Fans Page:


2. Mingle Farm

Basic Information

Inject a little quirkiness into your next staycation and glamp in Yuen Long in an aecosphere — a transparent bubble-shaped tent — and fall asleep under the stars. Take it a step further and stay overnight in one of Mingle Farm’s inflatable mushroom tents or rainbow-coloured houses if you’ve a group looking for a wacky sleepover. If you’re more of a traditionalist, caravan camping is also available and comes fully equipped with AC, toilet and television


Phone No.:2891-8263

Address: 元朗流浮山上白泥稔灣路 (樂逍遙漁場旁)

3. Yi O

Basic Information

When it comes to rice, we tend to think of Thai jasmine rice or Japonica rice from Japan. But did you know Hong Kong produces its own rice too? Yi O farm is a community project founded in 2012, and is located in the northwest area on Lantau Island. The farm harvests mostly rice, amongst other fresh produce.


4. Zen Organic Farm

Basic Information

The best part about visiting any farm is that you’re basically given free rein to pick and snack on various super-fresh fruits and vegetables. This organic farm in Ta Ku Ling uses innovative greenhouse technology and techniques to grow a wonderful variety of European produce, including green tomatoes, black cherries, lettuce, strawberries and figs. Seriously, they all look good enough to eat. It’s no wonder that even five-star hotels source their ingredients from this farm.


Email: (The last update of the website is in 2017, maybe she has quitted already)

Address: Ping Che, Ta Kwu Ling, N.T. (Near Lei Uk Village)

  1. Have you ever cooperated with university halls? such as considering providing delivery to doorstep services?
  2. ReQ1, if not, will you consider offering ingredients for uni canteens or other restaurants?
  3. What are you thoughts when you first open an organic farms?
  4. What do you think about the difficulties of running a local organic farm in Hong Kong?
  5. What do you think, is the major obstacle towards the promotion of organic food in Hong Kong?
  6. Do u think it is possible for the farm to offer organic ingredients for student hall or even other restaurants?
  7. Have you ever organised special events with other parties to promote Hong Kong-made food and organic food?
  8. Can you share your delights in running an organic farm?

HKU Students Living in the Hall

  1. My friend/other friends
  2. GHD students
  1. How often do you eat in school canteens?
  2. How often do you cook in halls for your hall mates?
  3. Will you purposely choose organic ingredients when you purchase ingredients? Can you elaborate on your preference?
  4. ReQ3, If yes, why will you choose organic food, is it because of your health, the environment, or any other reason? If not, what is the reason?
  5. Do you have a healthy diet? such as eating enough vegetables and organic food
  6. If HKU canteen is planning using organic ingredients, will you accept the policy even you may need to bear a higher price?

Canteen Aunties

  1. Who is the supplier of the vegtables?
  2. What percentage of the vegtables cooked in the canteen is organic?
  3. What are the difficulties to provide more organic, fresh and healthy vegtables?
  4. In your point of view, do you think that HKU students would support the use of organic ingredients in canteens?
  5. Do you think it is possible to use organic ingredients in canteen? If organic ingredients are used, who do you think should be responsible for the extra cost?