But, Cheuk Lam Cherry


This study reveals that Gen Z views inclusivity as "a lack of negative feeling", and suggests that changes could be made in the classroom and wider community.


highlights that sexual harassment is prevalent across HK universities, lacks education and guidance on policies.


insight into norms that men buy into to retain "membership" as a boy (w/statistics), and how we should encourage boys to share in group setting


the key to tackling male vulnerability issues: open safe spaces for every man to have honest conversation


found that being part of a group of guys all working to be more vulnerable fosters support and deep meaningful friendships.


In an inclusive class, member feels accepted no matter their views. Factors like the course content can be changed to respect all perspectives.

Rank: 80/100

Gender inequality is prevalent in Asia, though there have been improvements. Policies target both gender inequality and poverty (interconnected).


This study proves two things: 1) gender stereotyping starts at a young age 2) can be reduced by reinforcing positive ideas to non-conformity.


Some Swedish preschools mandate a gender-neutral environment, where stereotypes are removed, or even completely contradicted.


This meta-analysis of toy preferences amongst genders concludes that there is significant a gender difference for toy preference.


stereotypes are unconscious biases (association of ideas and prior experiences). understand our brain and reflect on your biases to overcome.


suggestions: president declare intolerance, diversity training, professors broaden perspectives + views, join more events, collaborate


pay gap exists, worsened by racism, tradition + culture oppresses women. introduce gender inclusion in youth. gender inclusive ad effective.


hk has racism problem (police violence like US), imbalanced reporting forms deeply rooted biases, we need to fight back


discrimination leads to social exclusion and disempowerment, ethnic groups/pregnant women/ disabled disadvantaged in education, employment