Chan Hung Tai


References read:

  1. "Do Motion Sensor Light Switches Worth it?" added by Sean Michael Suntoso
  2. Rating: 50/100. The article mainly discussed installing motion sensor light switches at home. While it gives some useful analysis on the cost-effectiveness of the installation, it's not applicable in Hong Kong situation where people mostly live in flat and have few rooms.๐Ÿ˜–

  3. "AI applications in Renewable Energy" added by Kaustabh Nigam
  4. Rating: 65/100. An inspiring article!๐Ÿ˜Ž In which it introduces different types of AI used by the big corporations to operate Energy Forecasting, Energy Efficiency and Energy Accessibility. While this might be interesting, it's not much connected to simple projects since AI is a complicated topic.

  5. "WWF Reveals the Latest Carbon Footprint Data Average Carbon Footprint of Hong Kong Citizen" added by Ngo Yin Wong
  6. Rating: 40/100. The news article is outdated.โ˜น๏ธ The information is useless in the current state though we could still find out the trend of Hong Kong citizens' behavior in consuming energy - carbon footprint is still increasing!

  7. "Homemade Bicycle Generator" added by Rafael Matthew Susanto Kwan
  8. Rating: 90/100. Very impressive video. It gives me motivation to build a bike generator now although I have zero knowledge of mechanical engineering, but we can always learn. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. "7 Shocking Facts About Bicycle Generators" added by Yan Chak Tsang
  10. Rating: 85/100. A nice in-depth summary of the boon and bane of bicycle generator. I agree that while there are a lot of enthusiastic boosters on trying out the project, the minimal efficiency and benefit are something worth considering. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  11. "See your energy consumption at a glance" added by Hung Wai Shing
  12. Rating: 75/100. Nice video introducing an app that can view real-time and historical data for power consumption. Would really be useful for energy monitoring and data analysis. Hope that it will be easy to manipulate and customize.

  13. "How Smart Homes Can Save Energy" added by Kwan Rafael Matthew Susanto
  14. Rating: 75/100. Another interesting video showing products related to Smart Home and IoT. Can help a lot when dealing with the automation of controlling household electrical appliances.

  15. "Electric Harvesting Tiles" added by Kaustubh Nigam
  16. Rating: 90/100. An incredible website providing different kinds of electrical building project. This one is my favorite because I have run a similar project back in high school with some friends. We tried to use the electricity harvested by this kind of tiles to light up an LED screen. The project failed unfortunately due to our tiny knowledge of electrical engineering but it was really fun to DIY it, especially the circuit board part.

  17. "Regenerative Braking Tests" added by Yao Yi Tung
  18. Rating: 85/100. A very intuitive video explaining what and how regenerative braking works on bikes. What I've got from the video is that regenerative braking has low energy efficiency, but it's still better than nothing, we can still conserve some energy from being lost by friction in normal braking procedure.

  19. "How it Works, The Bottle Dynamo . | DIY |" added by Tsang Yan Chak
  20. Rating: 70/100. Also a good DIY video showing how the dynamo works. However, I really don't have a clue on how it's running and generating electricity. There is not much information provided in the video except for the dissection...