Reference Read

20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT | At Home & Equipment Free by Kim Minjun

Rating: 60/100

An overall great video which demonstrates a great variety of exercise to move different parts of your body at home. It is useful during this pandemic and also shows doing exercise does not require going the gym room.

How Exercise Makes you Smarter and a Better Student by Bowen Pang

Rating: 80/100

This video provides a deeper insight about the benefits of doing exercise other than getting buffed and the motivation that most people need in order to form a habbit of doing exercise in such a small amount of time.

Importance of good nutrition and its impacts. by Edward Ye

Rating: 90/100

An easy-to-follow guidelines to make a healthy diet that is easily achievable. it provides tons of detail in choosing the healthy dish and some alternatives to snack, meat and drinks as well as the explanation of it. It is important to know that to keep good physical health, diet also plays an improtant role.

What If You Didn't Exercise at All? by Leung Hoi Tung

Rating: 90/100

An informative video to show the consequence of not doing exercise. The consequence can range physical well-being to mental and social health which is as equally improtant. This video also mentions the advantage of doing exercise such as having good posture, keeping body active and boosting self-esteem which may motivate people to do exercise.

Food Addiction by Ching Chan

Rating: 80/100

This article presents an addiction with food which in some ways is similar to addiction in drugs. They are both damaging to physical and mental health. People may get addicted into eating food when they do not need to, especially the food rich in fat, salt and oil. This relationship with food is actually a sickness that requires help from nutritionists or doctors.

International Yoga Day 2020: 5 amazing benefits of practicing yoga at home with family by Minjun Kim

Rating: 90/100

Yoga is actually a beneficial exercise which does not require a lot of exhausting move. It is also very to do in any situation. Doing Yoga with family seems to be amazing to build bond with each other.

Is Veganism a Mental Disorder? by Zhi Mian Ye

Rating: 80/100

This article is interesting that I have never thought of veganism being related to mental disorder. Normally, people choose to be vegan due to moral choice or environmental concern. However, some people may find animal abuse cruel and decide to avoid it.

Top 10 Tropical Fruits You've Never Heard Of by JIAYI XIN

Rating: 60/100

This video really broadens my horizon that there are so many fruits with such an interesting color and shape. Though some of them look really cursed.

What are the Most Recyclable Materials? by HSI-YUN CHANG

Rating: 70/100

An informative article that introduce some of the most recyclable materials. Recycling can reduce landfill and lower the waste effectively. To my surprise, computer is also one of the recyclable things while we seem to not utilise it as much.

A Student with Mental Illness by Chung Yiu Yeung

Rating: 90/100

As a student, I can deeply relate to this video. We have to achieve a good grade, follow a tedious routine and be productive. Suffering from this extrinsic pressure, mental states of most students are not great.