Puja Kapai


Puja Kapai joined the University of Hong Kong in 2005. She is currently Deputy Director and Fellow of the Centre for Comparative and Public Law, Deputy Director of the Summer Social Justice Institute, and Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong. She is also a Visiting Research Fellow with the University of New South Wales, Australia. She is serves as the Co-Convener of the Emerging Strategic Research Theme on Diversity Studies at the University of Hong Kong and as an Editor of the Hong Kong Law Journal.

Most recently, she completed a Visiting Fellowship with the Asian Legal Institute at the National University of Singapore where she presented a seminar entitled “Building Inclusive and Just Societies: the Role of Deliberative Theory and Substantive Equality.”

She serves on the Board of Directors of the Asian Migrants Centre in Hong Kong and is a Consultant to Hong Kong Christian Action with whom she co-developed the EMPower Program. EMPower is a programme deisgned to build the capacities of minority ethnic communities in Hong Kong to engage in community dialogues and to enhance their capacity for service to the ethnic minority community through training in cultural sensitivity and cultural diversity.

Puja teaches Multiculturalism and the Law, Law & Society and the Hong Kong Legal System. Her research interests include international human rights law, equality law, minority rights, ethnicity, gender and the law, identity politics, paradigms of social justice, equality in deliberative politics and civic participation and domestic violence. Her most recent publications include “The Doctrine of Substantive Equality and the Democratisation of Diversity”, “Minority Women: A Struggle for Equal Protection Against Domestic Violence”, “The Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission: Calling for a New Avatar,” and “The Same Difference: Protecting Same-Sex Couples Under the Domestic Violence Ordinance