Thong Pei Cheng

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1) Gender stereotyping can be reduced at a young age with proper intervention Reference from Ching Yueng Rating: 95/100 As I am one who feels that education actually plays a very vital role in making the world a better place by educating the younger generations. This article shows how a study was conducted where gender stereotyping can be reduced and hopefully can be eliminated in the future as these gender stereotypes can have a profound impact on mental health.

2) Sustainable technology required to address gender inequality at workplace, say experts Reference from Kay Chung Rating: 90/100 This is a very good article addressing how Mubadala Investment Company's Strata Manufacturing shares different ways to reduce gender gap in the manufacturing sector and discusses how to increase women participation in these workplace. Hence, this may be a good article for people who actually wish to pursue something similar and are able to use this as reference.

3) COVID-19 has worsened gender inequality. These charts show what we can do about it. Reference from Kay Chung Rating: 85/100 This article explains how the pandemic has increased the burden of elderlies, the sick and unpaid care for children but has a disproportionate impact on women due to gender stereotyping. Not only explaining what is going on, they have also provided graphs and charts which actually allows us to get a hold of an idea of what is going on and if no actions are taken the gender gap will grow wider.

4) Definitive Guide to All-Gender Inclusion Reference from Leo Yuen Rating: 85/100 Though I found quite a number of references relating on how to be more gender inclusive, I find this article useful as to how they structure their explanation. It first addresses the problem we are facing then on how we can overcome them. The useful part is that it provides a lot of research and studies for us to look at which will give a better insight to us.

5) Common Causes of Depression Reference from Ngan Yun Ki Rating: 80/100 This article highlights the different reasons why people have depression and the connections are not as simple. However, here they have explained everything in a very straightforward method so that we are able to understand them easily. I feel this article has done a great job because we need to understand the reason why people have depression and so we are only able to come out with solutions.

6) As a disabled Asian woman, I’ve had to fight for my independence Reference from Ching Yueng Rating: 85/100 This is a very inspiring piece of article as it highlights how Gazala Iqbal who is physically differently-abled has been fighting against cultural and social prejudice. She talks about her experience and how she overcame them. This is important as we need this positive energy in the society to make a change.

7) Is my autism a superpower? Reference from Henry Chu Rating: 90/100 I think this is an article which brings a really strong message as this article is written by an Asperger’s syndrome patient. This article reminds us that being different is totally fine and you shouldn’t feel excluded neither be ashamed of who you are because eventually one day you will be able to discover your own potential and rise above!

8) 9 Ways Your Emotions Influence Your Judgments Reference from Chin Chan Rating: 85/100 I personally find this article very fascinating as it really makes people think more about the very simple stuff that we are doing everyday. To what extent do our emotions affect our reasoning? Can they be separated from one another? These are very simple questions that can be surprisingly discussed for a day with many interesting ideas and philosophy theories. Hence, in this article they have summarized in ways that can be understood easily.

9) Introduction to mental health Reference from Li Wo Him Rating: 75/100 This article is very straightforward with useful information where it highlights what actually is mental health, how it came about, and more. The information has detailed explanations yet easy to understand. However in my opinion this might be great for people who are new to this area, but to those who are looking for plans to initiate their projects, I feel that studies and research would be more useful.

10) The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong Reference from Kim MinJun Rating: 85/100 I personally find this video very inspiring yet interesting. In this video, Amy Morin explains we have to know ourselves and state the reasons for why we are mentally weak so that we are able to become stronger selves and be mentally stronger. The speaker herself is also very charming. She is able to teach us that we actually have the ability to change our own world if we put our mind into it because our mind has the strength to do so.