Wu Jirawong

References read

"So, Is Organic Food Actually More Sustainable?" added by Jingran Cui

Rating 90/100.

A great article that looks briefly into the economic reality of organic food production, challenging our conventional perception that "green" labels means "sustainable".

"Regenerating Neighborhoods with Cultural Heritage: Jeffrey Morgan" added by Aastha Anurag Gaur

Rating 80/100

This passionate TED talk speaker explores several important connections between our community structures and cultural preservation.

"From Farm to Table to Landfills? Seeking Solutions to China’s Food Waste Dilemma" added by KI LUNG CHOI

Rating 100/100

The most interesting and innovative idea ever on tackling food waste—I am fascinated by how cockroaches are used to make animal feed. (In fact, I have also read somewhere before on the possibility of insects as a human food source since they take little resources to grow yet provide tremendous nutrition like protein.)

"World's largest waste-to-energy plant to be built in Shenzhen" added by Li Zhuo Kai

Rating 80/100

The video shows the project of the world's largest waste to energy plant in Shenzhen and I am so excited about the stunning architecture and cutting edge technology that is going to be used there.

"Food for good" added by Aastha Anurag Gaur Rating 85/100

Lovely projects on redistributing food to those underprivileged—solving both hunger and food waste problems at once.

"How To Make Organic Fertilizer From Your Kitchen Waste" added by Sze Choi LEE

Rating 90/100

This website demonstrates to me almost a step by step guide to creating my own completely biodegradable, organic fertilizer. It's a simple, easy, and effective method!

"Fat Around the Legs May Protect Against High Blood Pressure, Study Suggests" added by HuanYan Gao

Rating 80/100

Like its unusual title, this article describes a study that produces some surprising results about fat deposit and it correlation with long term diseases, offering alternative views on what should be deemed "fit" in the context of modern science.

"10 companies tackling diversity and inclusion" added by Hoi Yan Melanie Sin

Rating 75/100

It is good to see large multinational companies setting examples by adopting to policies on inclusiveness in different aspects of their operation, such as recruiting more women.

"Head of Hong Kong’s biggest international school group admits ‘unconscious bias’ on campus after accusations of racism and sexism" added by Xiaohan Yan

Rating 75/100

I was a little shocked to see this happening at an international school in Hong Kong; the news serves as a reminder that we all should be more cautious to sensitive topics like race and gender to avoid discrimination.

"In Sweden’s Preschools, Boys Learn to Dance and Girls Learn to Yell" added by Man Yan Siu

Rating 80/100

This is a very interesting article on a Swedish school counteracting traditional gender roles and patterns by allowing children to develop their personality by nature rather than deliberately stereotyping them at an early stage.