Ideas Sketches

Idea explanationsFeasibilityConsPros

Low: COVID + involve money

We cannot solely rely on others to donate clothes Money-involved project tends to get complicated

It sounds fun XD It could generate profits

Medium-Low: COVID-19 Time-consuming Short-spanned

COVID: hygiene, involves external sponsership

We can sell the products made from the campaign to achieve sustainability. gain sponsors from the event to raise visibility

Challenge & Games using Social Media and Apps

High: Since it's online it can still work under COVID-19 conditions

Need to recruit some participants

Not sure if it can motivate people to recycle / raise awareness

Reward system

Medium-Low: Hard to gather such budgets in the long run

Budget issues, and unsure if people will find the rewards useful

It is a good way to motivate

Creating a list of recyclable materials using scannable applications

Medium - High: Requires creation of app and some campus information

Budget issues

People are willing to put efforts since they have rewards.

AI Trash Bin

Low: Advanced Technical Research required

High cost, final product might be too fragile to be used in public area

Sounds sophisticated

Online Swapping Platform

Medium-Low: Could be expensive and time-consuming to develop and maintain such a platform

There are similar existing products

Sustainable and might generate profits

swap market

Medium: Spaces are required for goods + COVID

already had many in HK

can reduce waste to a great extent

DIY Products Sales

Medium: Gain funds from selling products made of reusable waste

COVID: hard to get lots of people invovled

Sustainable and arouse awareness

Delivering lectures

Medium-Low: Requires experiences lecturers + COVID

exhausting and the effect might be trivial

perhaps a sense of accomplishment?

Plastic Straw Collection Centre

Low: hard to recycle in general

Hard to implement, hard to collab with shops/cafes

greatly reduce plastic waste into the landfill

Artwork-made-from-trash Exhibition

Medium-High: HKU campus provides suitable venue

people may not be interested, requires art to be created

attract art lovers

IG account to promote stuff

Very high: easy to implement

Small impact, continuous maintanance

It's trendy!

Second-hand Fashion Swapping

Medium-Low: COVID

COVID→ hygiene

tackle waste caused by clothes

Competition of using waste as materials to create an usable tool

Medium-High: Creative, and can be conducted online

Lack of contribution

Creative and impressive

Workshops with primary school students to repurpose "waste"

medium: good way of education

need to collab with teachers and students

fun, educational

Ads promoting recycling

Medium-Low: Both and budget issues

ads are waste themselves

people can see the promotion quite usual

Lectures / Talks on Disginishing Recyclable Items

Medium-Low: COVID + lack of lecturers

People may find it boring

its efficient and effective in terms of educating

AI trash recognition app

medium-low: technical,but plausible if collab with shops

requires time to create


Hold an exhibition of recycling

Pretty Low: No budgets, no ability, nothing can be exhibited

just hard to achieve from every perspective

must be a good experience isn't it

YouTube Channel Promoting Recycling in HKU

Medium-Low: Needs talented hosts / cameramen / writer

Production quality has to be high

It could be really engaging

Increase number of rubbish bins

medium: costs school money, might not be impactful

costly and might be ingored too

easy to implement

Recyclable Waste Quiz Battle

Medium: need to recruit people, come up with difficult questions

hosting and accuracy

Fun, easy to create with Kahoot

Recycling-Society HKU

Medium-Low: Requires lots of efforts


great ambition