Prototype + Feedback

What we are testing
1. What are you testing?
1. What are you testing?
An application
Display recyclable items and their category
Locate recycling bins on campus
what items from campus shops can/cannot be recycled and their correct category
2. What are the assumptions?
students will use the app
students will be less confused about what can and can't be recycled
students will find recycling bins easily
encourages students to recycle
help improve their habits
3. Evaluation Framework: What are the questions you need to answer to evaluate the efficacy of your prototype? Metrics?
e.g. Students finish the workout. e.g. Qns for Students: - Did you enjoy the workout? - What did you like about the workout?
Q. Is the app easy to use
Q. How often do you use the app
Q. Did you learn anything from the app?
Q. Do you recycle more often?
Prototype Results
4. Results of Prototyping: What went well? What were the "happy accidents"? What are the areas for improvement?
e.g. Weather can be an issue.