Important Links

Where are the key documents and links for this course?

Key Documents

Notion Project (here)
Most of the collaboration happens here, sharing references, managing your projects, notes, reflections....
Google Classroom
The graded submissions happen here via forms
Program for print (with all the speakers)
This is the nice looking print-friendly programme with the speakers
3 Conceptboards for Leadership concepts
Thinking together Visually about Leadership
3 Conceptboards for projects
Build projects together
Mentimeter Link
Making our sessions more Interactive
Slides Day 1: Saturday, September 5th
Slides Day 2: Sunday, September 6th
Slides Day 3: Saturday, October 10th
Slides Day 4: Saturday, November 14th
Invitation for the speaker
Budget discussion material
Email for registration on Zoom, Notion, Discord, conceptboard
Enquire record, share on youtube - which channel?
Planning Spreadsheet
This is internal to the Teachers and TAs
Google drive with all documents
This is internal to the Teachers and TAs
Future Book


How do I submit an excel with my references? (part 1 of 19 sept. submission)
  1. Make sure that you have filled the "shared by" column for your references in
  2. image
  3. Search by your name in
  4. image
  5. Select all your references (including name, tag, description, link, your name, and everything in between) and copy (Ctrl+C or Cmd+C)
  6. image
  7. Paste (Ctrl+V or Cmd+V) into a google sheet or excel document, should look something like this:
  8. image
  9. Clean it up a bit, and export as "References_[yourname].xlsx"

Submit!! :)

How do I submit a document with my comments/reports on other people's references? (part 2 of 19. sept submission)

If you used the comment function, you need to find all your comments and compile them - preferably on your own page first, then in the document, according to this format

  1. If you wrote on your own page according to the format, navigate to your own page in
    , and select your references:

2. Paste into a word document:


3. Export to .doc or .pdf, and submit :)

How do I submit the deliverables for September 27?

After filling all the toggles, navigate to your team page in

, and click the three dots in the upper right corner of the page. Then choose the "export" option:


Export as PDF, A4 format.


Submit the PDf to Moodle; we will make an assignment folder by the end of this week.

How to have an innovative solution when we don't have enough time?

Innovativeness does not equal technology. What makes something innovative is just that it's different from what is already available out there. This means that finding out what is available out there and benchmarking yourselves against that is also one way to determine/ prove if your solution is innovative or not.

Another concern that you may have is the lack of time to implement an innovative idea. But remember that you are expected to complete the prototype (or "test"), not the final product. The purpose of the project assignment is to prove that the solution would work, not to implement the solution fully.

What is 'scaling up'?

It can mean providing your product/ service to another segment of the population (e.g. originally HKU students, then to HK population, then to the world) which requires tweaks to the product/ service but NOT a totally different idea. You are pitching your idea to the experts, so if you pitch a totally different idea in the scaling up portion of your presentation, wouldn't it be contradictory? (An analogy can be that you imagine yourself presenting an idea to get funding: You say you will make a microwave to solve a problem, but if you get more resources and money, you would make an airplane. This doesn't make sense -- rather, with more money you could make more microwaves or better microwaves).

Questions about Oct 10th presentation

Prepare your presentation. Google slide seems like a solid option. You have 2 minutes of presentation and 2 minutes of Q&A to make a strong impression. On Zoom, you will share your screen, computer audio and present your idea. Make sure you rehearse at least 10 times your 2 minutes presentation with your team. We will cut at 2 minutes.

"Must everyone speak during the 2 minutes?" It is sufficient for one person to represent the group.

"Do we need to use the SDGs?" It is not required, but it is recommended.

"Can we prepare slides for the Q&A sections?"

You don't have to, but if you are pre-empting questions and preparing slides for that, good for your team!

"2 minutes is too short. Can we have 10 minutes?" No way. We have 26 teams and max 2hrs with the experts. If you are well-rehearsed, 2 minutes is a very long time. You can tell so much with stories, characters, photos of the sites, videos of your experiments, diagrams of how the magic operates, music, or just your face and words. It can be one person per team, or you can have multiple presenters. Up to you πŸ˜‰

We're suggesting this flow, but you can go however you want, live or pre-recorded:

  1. The problem: [30 seconds]
  2. Our solution / experiment: [30 seconds]
  3. How our experiment went, the key learnings [30 seconds]
  4. The potential of our experiment at a bigger scale [30 seconds]

Example 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjKpYjCVTMQ Present the problem with metrics. Show how you've developed and tested your solution. How you could scale your solution and make a difference.

Example 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGE5yDDop88 Telling you 30 years in a story, with characters, relationships, story, technology, business, tragedy, heroism, problem-solving. You can see a clear progression and a sense of resolution.

We will be strict with time and cut at 2 minutes, both for you and the experts.

"How far should we take our experiment? As far as possible! At this stage, we're not evaluating how polished your presentation is as much as how impactful your idea can be. Have you tried your idea? Have you set up an experiment? Have you tried anything? In real life, have you experienced the challenge first hand? Have you talked to real people? If it's an app/website - have you checked whether something similar already exists? Why one is used and another not? We're looking for impactful ideas, innovative ideas. There is no right answer, it is about asking meaningful questions and trying out ideas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k63MiRRszLk

"What will you evaluate in our project?" 2 minutes presentation from you. 2 minutes Q&A from the experts. These are the criteria's the judges will use:

  1. Innovation: how original is the experiment, prototype?
  2. Experimentation: have they validated how impactful their concept could be?
  3. Presentation: how well-articulated is the idea and how they have tested their idea?

For the 2 minutes Q&A. Anticipate questions, think what the experts are likely to ask your team. Provide short, specific answers with confidence and knowing what you don't know

What will happen after our 2 minutes presentation? The experts will evaluate your presentation and choose one leading team per theme. The leading team will then explain how they intend to take their ideas to the next level, incorporating the other team best concepts from the other teams. The leading teams will then start to recruit from the whole pool of students. You will be able to change theme and team then, joining a leading team - unless you are already in one! We'll give you more information on the day - that's why we meet Oct 10th :)

We're excited to hear your concepts and move to the next stage. Let us know if you have any questions


I can't get a student notion account, why?

You need to go here: https://www.notion.so/students and sign with your HKU account. Suddenly, you enter the magical world of collaboration, connected database and a new era of organising your data. If you have signed up with another email, or used social sign-in do not despair. You can still change your email following these simple steps:


I can't edit notion!

Yet. We will be granting you edit access after the groups are finalized, by the end of Thursday. In the meantime, you can comment on this page if you have other questions.

How to create nice references of my own?

First, navigate to the "references" page and make a new entry on the table.


Also, check out Cesar's tutorial videos!

How to write about other people's references on my own page?

First navigate to "people" and "students" to find yourself


Then click your page


(I.e. not the TA but yourself.... xD)

Then scroll down and write in the text field


Then write in the following format (click on the yellow text for details):

References read

"Doughnut Economics" added by Cesar Jung-Harada

Rating: 90/100. The book presents a whole new framework for planning economies, centered on human rights and the environment, criticizes capitalism but also gives viable alternatives.

"Other reference....." Added by ...[student]...

Rating: xx/100. [summary]

I don't know how to use notion.

Nobody does, at first. But you'll learn very fast! Don't you worry. It's easier than Word and wayyy smarter. Enjoy this 8 minutes tutorial:

Hey, why not using google docs, or Moodle, or a wiki?

Well, we tried all these tools and many more, but we found that notion was the easiest, most powerful for collaboration, and free for students and teachers. Easy, powerful, and free. That's too much goodness to refuse. Don't you agree?

Can I write in Chinese or other languages?

Mmm, let me check...



λ‚˜λŠ” ν•œκ΅­μ–΄λ₯Ό ν•  μˆ˜μžˆλ‹€

Saya bisa bahasa indonesia.


Euskaraz hitz egiten dakit. Can you find what language that is?! I was born there and I don't understand this language (Cesar)


Will we have the same group for the whole project, as in the September 6 activity?
What is the most updated group list?
Can I move to another group?

Hi students, we have finalized the list of groupings (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VyOWWHMd2SUX_3sJrs70pESnXxv18xa4HLc9FzldnKc/edit#gid=355342629). We will allow 1-to-1 swaps from now till Wednesday 23:39, provided both students have spoken to each other and agreed. To send in your request for swaps, please WA Sammie or Ella in this format:

SWAP REQUEST (group) (UID) (Full Name*) (group) (UID) (Full Name*)


SWAP REQUEST R1 3031111111 TAN, Andrea W2 3032222222 HO, Lee Mun Benny

*Please use the full name you are registered in, without nicknames

We will then inform you when the change has been made. Double check the updated google list yourself to make sure!

AFTER Wednesday 9/9 the following information will be valid: Short answer: No.

Long answer: Moving people around is a lot of work for the TAs, one reason being that we want each theme to have 3-4 groups, and each group to have 4-6 members, as well as updating several different documents and platforms. If we allow one person to change groups, then everyone should have that right or it would be unfair. Thus, we have decided to freeze the group allotment as it was at Saturday 12pm noon. Please refer to the google sheet:

Please make the most of the opportunity to get to know new people! If you find it difficult to cooperate with your groups, please contact your TA and we will do our best to find a solution. Don't hesitate to reach out πŸ™‚

What if I am not in Hong Kong?

That is fine, please talk to you group so that you can do tasks that do not require you to be in Hong Kong. You can also make prototypes wherever you are, just make sure to document thoroughly.

How can I meet with my team?

We highly praise doodle. Not only because the name is really cute, but because it's a great tool to coordinate meetings with other busy people. Here you go: https://doodle.com/

It's got a super useful Google calendar synchronisation so it can show you when you are yourself available. Sweet.

How can I coordinate with my teammates in other timezones?

Zoom & Recordings

How do I share the audio from my computer when sharing a video?
I missed a class, where can I find the notes and recordings?

All lecture recordings are inside the program session pages:


Scroll down:

Can the students access the slides of the speakers?
Can the students access the video recordings of the presentations?

Please refer to question no.2 in this section.

The recording of the last class is missing. Who can I contact?

Please contact your assigned TA.


How to register for this course?

We recommend that you use your name@hku.hk (and NOT your name@connect.hku.hk) to gain your free Notion.so education account.

If you struggle with sign in, you can connect with @Untitled

How do I attend this course?

Check the program. Each session in the program has a link for live-action (zoom, discord rooms). After the session, videos are posted in the session page

How can I activate my student Notion account?
Are we working on Moodle?

No. We have a link from the official Moodle.

We will be working on Notion since it is more flexible.


Are we working on Moodle?

No. We have a link from the official Moodle.

We will be working on Notion since it is more flexible.


What are the rules for this course?

Be Respectful towards everyone.

Do not delete each other's work.

Ask when you don't understand anything.

Oops. I accidentally deleted someone else's work...

Don't worry. Click on the 3 dots in top-right corner of the screen and navigate to Page History. You should be able to find the previous versions of the active page

Forming Big Groups

Key Timeline for Group Formation

10 October: Presentation by Winning Team to call for new members

10 October to 12 October: Recruitment

12 October 23:59: HR Rep submits full updated list

14 October: Finalized group list released

I am looking to join a new team!
  • Be proactive and 'apply' for jobs by reaching out to the HR representatives.
  • Tip: Mention why you are interested and how you can contribute
  • If you don't apply for one/ is unsuccessful in your applications by 12 October, you will be randomly allocated.
Our team is looking for more team members!

Designate a member to be the representative for the following tasks:

  • Pitch and provide information on 10 October - LEADER/ REPRESENTATIVE
    • Who to contact and contact details
    • What kind of roles are you looking to fill (e.g. social media designer, AI expert etc.)
    • How many people are you planning to recruit
  • Designate a HR Person to handle the process from 10 - 12 October - HR PERSON
    • You can conduct interviews or whatever, it's up to the team
    • Once you have decided
      • 1) Update the Notion Project Teams Page
        • Change the view
        • image

        • Add new team members
        • image
      • 2) Update the roles in the big team page
        • You should start out with these roles: Treasurer, HR Person and Treasurer
        • You can fill up the roles over time!

      Note that there may be more members allocated to your team when the full team list is announced on 14th October.


(Reimbursement details on every Big Team page)

What is our budget?

1000 HKD per group, between September 6 and October 10.

What can we use the budget for?

Materials and other resources necessary for your prototype.

Please ask your TA before using money, to make sure that you will get it approved. Food, MTR, Bus, Taxi are not approvable.

Make sure that you are able to get a proper receipt with retailers details (adress, date), before you purchase anything.

How do we get the money?

You need to upload the receipt, and fill out a budget form. Details coming soon.

If your query isn't answered here, visit https://www.notion.so/More-FAQs-63b8a4df66c6462a996e04206f8ea315 or message @Untitled or @Untitled