October 10

  1. Literature review (individual)
  2. Experiment of their own, documented, with short video
  3. Presentation, with max 10 slides
  4. Project Management
  5. Expenses Trackers
  6. Self reflection, work as a team (individual)
  7. Anonymous evaluation of teammates (google form → Google spreadsheet)
    1. Teamwork
    2. Quality of ideas
    3. Communication
    4. Research

October 12

Small group reflection

Instructions (same as Moodle)

Use the template attached and answer the questions, then upload it to Moodle.




  • Don't give boring, plain, non personal answers - show that you are honestly reflecting on the experience.
  • Use personal stories, and anecdotes to make your point in the answers you give.
  • This is a leadership class with a focus on prototyping and design, make sure that is what you are reflecting on some of the time.
  • The entire document should not be more than 1000 words, and remember LESS IS MORE! Be brief, be bright, be bold!


  • Your Full Name (LAST NAME, First Name)
  • University ID#
  • Email Address
  • Small Group Member of (Letter# - Focus eg. M1 - Mental Health)


  1. How do you think you did working with this group compared with groups you have worked with in the past?
  2. What was the greatest challenge you had as a group?
  3. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best), how well do you feel you demonstrated respect for the opinions of others in the group? Give one example to show the score you gave. Remember it's okay if is a mistake you made and something you learned (be vulnerable)
  4. If you could pick one person in the group to give a specific compliment about their work in the group, who would it be and what would you say?
  5. In what ways was the group more effective, as compared to you working alone would have been? (think beyond just more people to share the work)


- Full Grading Rubric Attached to this Assignment

Clarity - Language is clear and expressive; abstract concepts are explained; a mental picture is clear from reading

Relevance - The experience is reflected upon in a relevant, meaningful and personal way.

Analysis - There is more than just description of what happen, and moves to a level of understanding of self, others and the learning

Interconnections - demonstrates connection with past experience, other courses or personal goals.

Self-Criticism - demonstrates the ability to question own bias, preconceptions, and has new ways of thinking

November 14

  1. Proposal
    1. Deliverables
    2. Impact
    3. Risk
  1. Anonymous evaluation of teammates (google form → Google spreadsheet)
    1. Teamwork
    2. Quality of ideas
    3. Communication
    4. Research


  1. 10 References (Abel) Sep 15
  2. Progress report, video (Cesar, Anubhav, Siddarth) Sep 29
  3. Group-mate evaluation (Ella) Oct 10
  4. Projects (Experts) Oct 10
  5. Final Proposal (Decision Makers) Nov 14
  6. Group-mate evaluation (Ella) Nov 14