Key Documents

Notion Project (here)
Most of the collaboration happens here, sharing references, managing your projects, notes, reflections....
Google Classroom
The graded submissions happen here via forms
Program for print (with all the speakers)
This is the nice looking print-friendly programme with the speakers
3 Conceptboards for Leadership concepts
Thinking together Visually about Leadership
3 Conceptboards for projects
Build projects together
Mentimeter Link
Making our sessions more Interactive
Slides Day 1: Saturday, September 5th
Slides Day 2: Sunday, September 6th
Slides Day 3: Saturday, October 10th
Slides Day 4: Saturday, November 14th
Invitation for the speaker
Budget discussion material
Email for registration on Zoom, Notion, Discord, conceptboard
Enquire record, share on youtube - which channel?
Planning Spreadsheet
This is internal to the Teachers and TAs
Google drive with all documents
This is internal to the Teachers and TAs
Future Book