One year after landmark gay rights ruling, Hong Kong government still opposes LGBT equality

Hong Kong women face gender discrimination in the workplace and great expectations at home


summary:there is still a stereotype on woman gender roles which is that women will be more suitable for taking care of families, which decrease the possibility of them shining in the workplace.

Show and case: How Beijing approaches gender equality and LGBT issues on the world stage


summary:gender equality and lgbt issues still have a far way to achieve in China since the government just show the objection towards discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity instead of great support.

10 companies tackling diversity and inclusion

rate: 90

summary: the diversity in gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexual identity and orientation is needed and helps many companies develop further.

The Growing Crisis of Mental Health


Summary: the situation of mental health in Hong Kong becomes more and more serious and there is a need to take measures.

In Sweden’s Preschools, Boys Learn to Dance and Girls Learn to Yell


Summary: the education about gender diversity from child and the guidance from parents and teachers are important.