"Eataway" Edible Takeaway Packaging

"Eataway" Edible Takeaway Packaging Through conducting surveys and interviews, we found that a lot of plastic waste has been attributed to the food delivery industry. In particular, the pandemic has intensified the problem due to social distancing restrictions. Therefore, we intended to design an edible takeaway box that could potentially reduce tens of millions of disposable plastic per week, but at the same time retain the food experience. We decided to name this project "Eataway Box". The aim of the project is to potentially reduce plastic waste in Hong Kong.


  1. Siddharth Agarwal (TA)
  2. Wong Hoi Kiu Ealas (Human Resource, Admin Group)
  3. Zaidi Syeda Safeena-e-Zahra (Treasurer, Admin Group)
  4. Chan Chun Ho (Deliverables Manager, Presentation maker, Admin Group)
  5. Seiyoung Joung (Spokesperson, RnD Supervisor, Prototype Tester Admin Group)
  6. Jung Hyeonwoo (Legal Adviser, Admin Group)
  7. Kim Minjun (Marketing Supervisor, Admin Group)
  8. Chi Chau Hang Frankie (Logo Designer, Marketing Group)
  9. Kim Taehyun (Opponents Market Researcher, Marketing Group)
  10. Angelique Nicole (Marketing Group)
  11. Wong Ngo Yin (Marketing Group)
  12. Leung Hoi Tung (Instagram Manager, Prototype Photographer, Marketing Group)
  13. Ayeni Semiat (RnD Group)
  14. HUNG Man Kay, Kathy (Prototype Tester, RnD Group) 22. Gao Huan Yan (Prototype Tester, RnD Group)
  15. Mander Abheet Singh (Prototype Tester, RnD Group) 24. Ma Cheuk Lai (Prototype Tester, RnD Group)
  16. Chen Hsin-Mei (Prototype Tester, RnD Group)
  17. Yu, Ziyang (RnD Group)
  18. Yao Yi Tung (RnD Group)