Web3 and peeking into the future


Everybody is talking about web3. I’m not trying to define it here, rather see beyond it.

I was randomly browsing Youtube on my commute...

Crypto Casey Is a smart YouTuber. And what she mentions may very well be right:

  1. Tokenization of everything
  2. Digital global economies
  3. Staking becomes an important income source
  4. Transformation of the middle class
  5. Exponential increase in investors

Coinbase has a nice definition attempt with contemporary companies working on the different components.

I like to imagine that Web3 will be the platform where other key technologies converge: AI, 5G, IOT, autonomous vehicles, VR, AR, MR, better brain to computer interfaces… and wait for it: regulations to allow all of this to happen. It is the convergence of all these techs that many people called the “singularity”.

The opportunities to innovate are so numerous in each of these new fields and especially, in between.

Short-time frame tech web3 stack

Medium-term tech stack integration

Long-term integration of biology and tech


Very long-term view post singularity


Where are the opportunities? What are the clusters of human knowledge? Where are the gaps?


Which is your favorite map of human knowledge and why?